Plan Your Own Private Tours


Our local expert concierge provides daily support to our guests.


We listen, learn and gather the guest wants for their Pearl Harbor tour while on their Hawaiian vacation. The local experts team research and use their local experience and know-how to plan the best Pearl Harbor experiences for our guests.


The primary objective of the local expert concierge department is to assist in planning the best Pearl Harbor tour while on Hawaii vacation, and support and assist our guests in anything they might need and want while in their tour. 


We have local concierges specialized in Oahu and the Pearl Harbor tours that could help you put together the perfect tour for you. 


Tanya Afoa - Lead Concierge
Tanya brings a great attitude and big smile to the office every day. She's the quarterback of the call center helping to ensure we're offering great service in a timely and efficient manner every day. Her attention to detail is second to none when problem solving an issue. She will always go the extra mile for our clients and they're gratitude is a testament to her efforts. 


Reed Tamashiro - Local Expert Concierge
Reed is one of our most highly motivated concierges always making sure to leave no leaf unturned when planning amazing experiences for his clients. A master vacation planner, he has a unique ability to work with a client's time and budget, however limited or maxed out they're looking to go. Reed will make it unforgettable. A food enthusiast as well, he's often making the rest of the office hungry while describing to his clients the best places to eat and what they need to sample. 


Samantha Johnson - Local Expert Concierge
Samantha is extremely passionate about Hawaii and takes great pride in being able to plan amazing experiences for all of her clients. Originally from Portland, Oregon she has brought the love of the outdoors with her and enjoys the opportunity to share her home state with each of her clients. 


Lan Navares - Local Expert Concierge
One of the nicest people you will ever meet or have a conversation on the phone with, Lan is the head "Mom" at Discover Hawaii Tours. When she isn't busy planning a dream vacation she's making her rounds around the office with a big smile wishing everyone a good day offering them a snack so no one goes hungry. Originally from Vietnam, Lan made the courageous move to the United States once upon a time and today embodies a true aloha ambassador. 


The team works closely with other departments such as operation, tour guides, dispatch, and our partners to streamline communications and deliver the best Pearl Harbor Tour.